Generate Cute Handwritten Wish Cards With Wishgram AI

Surprise your loved ones with unique, AI-powered handwritten wish cards from Wishgram. Free and easy to use!

Wishgram is a free AI-powered tool that lets you create beautiful, handwritten wish cards for any occasion.

The AI technology behind Wishgram ensures that each card has a natural, human-like handwriting style.

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You can even include decorative doodles and adjust the color scheme to match the occasion. This makes it perfect for making your loved ones smile and grabbing attention on Instagram stories.

How to use it:

1. Go to the Wishgram AI Wish Card Generator.

2. Enter the message you wish to convey, like “Happy Birthday ScriptByAI!”

3. Click on ‘More Options’ to add personal touches, such as interests or a specific date, to make your card more tailored.

Wishgram AI Wish Card Generator Input

4. Press the ‘Abracadabra’ button and let the AI work its magic to create your custom wish card.

5. Customize the card by dragging and dropping text, doodles, and decorations.

Wishgram AI Wish Card Generator Result

6. Change the Highlight and Paper colors to match the mood or preference.

Wishgram AI Wish Card Generator Customize

7. Hide the Wishgram watermark if you want.

8. When you’re satisfied with the design, click the download button to save your wish card and send it to your friends or post it on social media platforms like Instagram.

Wishgram AI Wish Card Generator Download

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