Detect AI-Generated Content With TypeTruth Python Library

Use AI to classify text as human or AI-generated at the paragraph & sentence level.

This project has been abandoned due to OpenAI turning off AI text classifier. You can check out our other AI Content Detectors:

7 Best And Free AI Content Detector Tools To Ensure Trustworthy Online Content

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In the burgeoning age of AI, discerning human-generated content rom that created by artificial intelligence is becoming a daunting challenge.

Introducing TypeTruth, an open-source Python library dedicated to differentiating between AI and human-authored text. View It On GitHub

Catering to the urgency of authentic content verification, TypeTruth operates at both paragraph and sentence levels. It offers fact-checking capabilities and equips users with powerful visual tools, including heat maps and bar plots, to better interpret the detection results.

Try this library on Colab

Get A Free Bearer Key

1 Open OpenAI’s AI text classifier.

2 Input a 1000-word text, then Submit.

3 Right-click and select Inspect to access the developer tools.

4 Navigate to the Network tab.

5 Search for a POST request related to completions under the Name column in the list.

6 Click on the POST request and locate the Authorization section under the Headers tab. The bearer key beginning with Bearer is the key you need.

What is an AI Content Detection Tool

The advent of advanced language models, such as OpenAI’s GPT series, has blurred the boundaries between human and AI-generated content. This poses several significant challenges.

First, the information validity, since AI-produced text may not always convey accurate or dependable data.

Second, authenticity: text often serves as a measure of an author’s knowledge, opinion, and expertise, making the identification of AI-written content crucial.

Lastly, the need for accountability: in situations where content can lead to serious consequences (e.g., news articles, legal documents), discerning its origin becomes paramount.

This is where AI Content Detection Tools come to the fore, leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence to distinguish between human-generated and AI-generated text.

Learn more about AI Content Detection at 7 Best And Free AI Content Detector Tools To Ensure Trustworthy Online Content

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