15+ ChatGPT Weather Plugins

Complete list of all ChatGPT Weather plugins available in ChatGPT's plugin store.

In this post, I’ve compiled a list of all ChatGPT Weather plugins currently available in OpenAI’s official plugin store.

With new plugins being added constantly, I’ll periodically update this post so it remains a comprehensive resource. Be sure to bookmark it and check back often if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest weather plugins for ChatGPT.

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Plugin NamePlugin Description
AeroDexAviation data from aviationweather.gov for entertainment. Not for pre-flight decision making.
Gimmee Air QualityPlanning something outdoors? Get the 2-day air quality forecast for any US zip code.
Lsong AILsong’s AI provides AI-powered content like news, images, music, movies, weather, stories, memes, and more.
MixerBox WeatherGet real-time worldwide weather updates & forecasts, instantly!
Random GeneratorGenerate truly random numbers from atmospheric noise, supported by random.org (not official).
Secretary KimKorean weather, subway information! Enjoy a smart life with Secretary Kim.
Space ServerAccess NASA’s technology transfer, Mars weather, SSD/CNEOS, Nasa Photos – By Nabil Brag.
Tomorrow.io WeatherPredicting, planning, and adapting to the weather forecast via contextualized chat-based insights.
WeatherGet the weather forecast for a US city or zip code. Visit https://weatherplugin.net for more details.
WeatherProvides weather forecast based on location. Includes temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, wind and much more.
Weather MeteosourceAccurate weather for chat-based insights – current, forecasted, and historical. Updated in real-time.
Weather ReportCurrent weather data for cities and airports using METAR aviation feeds.
WeatherWhizWeatherWhiz: Accurate current weather and forecasts for any location.
WeatherWizardGet current weather information from around the world. Powered by WeatherAPI.
XweatherXWeather gives weather information for a location. Ask for the current weather, a 5-day forecast, or a radar image.



  • Removed plugins that are no longer available
  • Removed some plugins that have nothing to do with weather
  • Added some new plugins

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