15+ ChatGPT Medical & Health Plugins

Complete list of all Medical & Health plugins available in ChatGPT's plugin store.

In this post, I’ve compiled a list of all ChatGPT Medical & Health plugins currently available in OpenAI’s official plugin store.

With new plugins being added constantly, I’ll periodically update this post so it remains a comprehensive resource. Be sure to bookmark it and check back often if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest medical & health plugins for ChatGPT.

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Plugin NamePlugin Description
Bubble GoodsMarketplace of 1000+ tasty & healthy foods. Discover new Vegan, Keto, Gluten-Free products & more.
Calorie CoachTrack meals & gain insights for a healthier lifestyle from 1m+ restaurants & grocery stores.
Doctor’s Life CareerSearching Japanese medical doctors’ jobs based on your preferences.
Go!Go! for personalized workout plans, fitness tips, and meal recommendations.
HubbubLocal health risk & safety guidance for COVID-19, Flu, RSV and more in the US.
Meal PlannerCraft diets to fit your tastes. Explore diverse food selections, cook with flair, and enhance your gastronomic journey!
Medecine-ExplorerFacilitates access and search for Medicine articles, including author and journal details – By Nabil Brag.
Medical Device EUDiscover all relevant Guidances, Regulations and Requirements in the European Medical Devices field.
Medical ResumeI’ll create an ATS-optimized job winning professional medical assistant resume for your targeted healthcare position.
PlanfitGet your tailored workout plan and instructions with videos – AI-powered Workout Coach, Planfit.
Recipe FinderExplore meals for all diets: vegan, keto, gluten-free. Dive into curated foods and ingredients. Elevate your cooking.
Testosterone MealsDesigned diet plans that aim to boost your testosterone levels naturally.
The Diet SearchYou can search the Japanese Diet Proceedings by request, news, or other text.
TiraShop Tira for top beauty brands! Explore cosmetics, health products & more online. Your beauty store awaits
Vivian HealthTake the first step to finding your next healthcare job.
Water TrackerA tool for recording and tracking your water intake records, drink more water, stay healthy.



  • Removed plugins that are no longer available
  • Removed some plugins that have nothing to do with Medical & Health
  • Added some new plugins

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