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Answer a few quick questions and will automatically generate a comprehensive business plan framework covering all key sections. is a free AI tool that helps you create a professional business plan without any expertise. You just answer a few questions about your business idea, and the tool will generate an editable plan covering executive summary, products/services, target market, financials, marketing strategy, and more. Fast, easy, and completely free.

How to use it:

1. Visit and enter your business idea. Click ‘Generate Business Plan’ to start.

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Plannit AI Business Planner Prompt

2. The AI will collect some basic data, then go through a set of questions which will help generate your plan. Note that the generated business plan will be based on your input to the questions. Over-relying on the AI can lead to generic plans and fail to capture the unique aspects of your business. Try to provide as much important information as possible.

Plannit AI Business Planner Collect Data

3. Hit ‘Start Questionnaire’ and you will go through 7 questions that will help Plannit AI understand your business and vision. To get started, provide the AI with your information. You can either type your responses directly in the text box or pick from the suggested prompts. Feel free to edit them before submitting.

  • Question 1: What specific problem does your business aim to solve?
  • Question 2: Describe your main product or service.
  • Question 3: Are there any additional features or services?
  • Question 4: How do you plan to monetize your product or service?
  • Question 5: Who is the primary audience for your product/service?
  • Question 6: Why would customers choose you over competitors?
  • Question 7: How do you plan to market your product or service?
Plannit AI Business Planner Questionnaire

4. Once you complete the questionnaire, submit your responses. The AI will take a few minutes to generate your business plan.

5. Review the AI-generated plan covering all key sections. Edit any paragraph to refine the language. Download as a Word doc.

Plannit AI Business Planner Edit

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