20 Best AI Video Editing Tools To Level Up Your Video Game In 2024

Effortlessly edit videos like a pro! Discover the top 20 AI video editing tools to create stunning visuals in 2024. Find your perfect match now!

Looking to add some wow factor to your videos without spending hours editing? AI video editing tools are revolutionizing the way we create and edit videos.

With just a few clicks, these AI tools can automatically edit your raw footage into a polished video ready to captivate your audience.

In this post, I’ll share the 20 best AI video editing tools of 2024 based on monthly traffic data from SimilarWeb.

For instance, if it’s February now, the ranking reflects the number of visits each tool received in January. This approach provides a snapshot of what’s trending and trusted in the AI video editing space.

Ready to step up your video game? Let’s dive in and find the one that best suits your needs.

#Tool NameDescriptionVisits (Feb)Visits (Jan)Pricing*
1CapCutFree all-in-one video editor for everyone to create anything anywhere. Flexible editing, magical AI tools, team collaboration, and stock assets. Make video creation like never before.45.5M40.0MFreemium
2WondershareAn all-in-one video editing & generation platform.16.1M18.3M$19.99/mo
3VEEDThe easy way to create stunning videos, add subtitles and grow your audience.11.5M11.6M$18.00/mo
4InvideoCreate videos with text prompts. Enter any topic, and invideo AI gets to work. It generates a script, creates scenes, adds voiceovers, & tweaks the video at your command.8.4M7.7M$20.00/mo
5Opus ClipA generative AI video tool that repurposes long talking videos into shorts in one click. Powered by OpenAI.5.1M5.6M$9.50/mo
6KapwingA collaborative, online content creation platform that you can use to edit video and create content.3.8M4.4M$16.00/mo
7FlexclipEasily create and edit videos for the brand, marketing, social media, family, and any other purpose.2.9M3.2M$9.99/mo
8FilmoraEffortlessly create with a fully-equipped video editing suite powered by AI.2.7M3.2M$29.99/qtr
9DescriptA new kind of video editor that’s as easy as a doc. Descript’s AI-powered features and intuitive interface fuel YouTube and TikTok channels, top podcasts, and businesses using video for marketing, sales, and internal training and collaboration.2.6M2.4M$12.00/mo
10TopazGet cinema-grade results with the all-new Video AI. Use and compare 24 temporally aware AI models trained to upscale, enhance, stabilize, and smooth footage.2.2M2.2M$299
11HitPawAn AI-powered video quality enhancer that helps to upscale video and enhance video quality. It can improve videos clarity to make them stunning.1.8M2.0M$42.99
12CaptionsThe next generation AI tool to create studio-grade videos in just a few taps.1.6M1.8M$9.99/mo
13VizardTurn long videos into social-ready clips with one magical click. Get ready to grow on all channels.1.5M1.7M$16.00/mo
14PictoryCan create and edit professional quality videos using text in minutes, no technical skills required or software to download.1.5M1.4M$19.00/mo
15SubmagicMake your short-form videos more captivating with Captions, B-Rolls, Zooms and Sound Effects.1.3M1.0M$19.00/mo
16RaskLocalize videos. Fast. Fun. With AI1.1M1.3M$50.00/mo
17UnscreenRemove the background of any video – 100% automatically, online & free! Goodbye Greenscreen.970K1.2M$3.00/minute
18FocuseeScreen Recording Comes with Automated Editing.691K664K$95.99
19VidyoAI powered video editing platform to repurpose long form podcasts and videos into short viral clips for TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.619K710K$30.00/mo
20TensorpixOnline video enhancer. Improve and upscale videos using AI.491K491K€11.00/mo
* The prices listed for each platform are starting prices based on basic subscription tiers. Pricing scales up depending on subscription level and features added. Because prices are subject to change by the platforms at any time, please check the official website for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.



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