Amazon Encourages Employees to Use In-House AI Coding Tool CodeWhisperer

Amazon encourages engineers to use its AI coding assistant CodeWhisperer, which provides real-time code suggestions based on natural language queries.

A recent internal email from Amazon reveals the company’s intent for engineers to use its own ChatGPT-like artificial intelligence tool, CodeWhisperer, an AI coding assistant that responds to natural language queries similar to ChatGPT.

Developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing division and launched last year, CodeWhisperer is designed to generate code suggestions based on previous code and comments, akin to GitHub’s Copilot. ChatGPT, on the other hand, is a more general-purpose chatbot, but has also been widely used for similar programming-related tasks.

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“Amazon CodeWhisperer is an AI-based coding assistant that provides real-time suggestions based on your existing code and comments in the IDE,” reads an internal email titled “Start Using Amazon CodeWhisperer Today.” “With CodeWhisperer, you’ll receive full-line and complete function code completions while writing code, or you can simply write a natural language comment like ‘retrieve new files uploaded to S3 bucket in the last 24 hours,’ and CodeWhisperer will automatically generate the code for you.”

In comparison to Microsoft, Google, and Meta, Amazon has been relatively quiet in the AI productivity arena until recently, when it announced a significant partnership with OpenAI competitor Hugging Face last month.

It is worth noting that Amazon announced yesterday that it will cut another 9,000 jobs in the coming weeks, marking another major adjustment in less than four months since the company declared a reduction of 18,000 employees in November last year.

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