Create Fun Custom Stickers With StickerBaker AI

StickerBaker allows anyone to easily create custom sticker art using AI image generation. Just type any phrase and get a transparent PNG sticker!

StickerBaker is an open-source AI tool that allows users to easily generate custom sticker images with transparent backgrounds.

You can type in anything you like, from animals to objects to anime characters, and StickerBaker will generate a unique sticker for you.

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Leveraging fofr’s sticker-maker model, this AI tool integrates with for sticker generation, relies on for robust infrastructure, and uses Tigris for efficient image hosting. This combination ensures reliable performance and high-quality results.

GitHub Repo

How to use it:

1. Head over to StickerBaker.

2. Type in your desired sticker content This could be a simple word like “cat” or a short phrase like “high five.” You can even create multiple stickers at once.

Sticker Baker Prompt

3. Click the AI-generated sticker image to download the 1024×1024 PNG file.

Sticker Baker Anime Girl

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