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Powerful AI facial recognition allows you to search for anyone's online presence with just a photo.

Facecheck is an innovative AI-powered photo search engine that allows you to uncover a person’s online footprint simply by searching with a photo of their face.

It taps into the power of artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology to bring a new level of capability to online searches.

With Facecheck, all you need is a photo. Their proprietary deep-learning AI analyzes facial features in the photo and then scans the internet to find matching faces. The result is a powerful search engine using just a face as the query.

How it works:

Uploading a photo of a person to Facecheck will unleash their deep neural networks to search for that face across the internet. Their AI is trained to match faces even with differing expressions, angles, lighting, obstructions and more. This allows for incredibly accurate facial recognition capabilities.

Once you upload a quality facial photo, Facecheck analyzes the distinct features and searches publicly available sites, social networks, video sites, mugshot databases, and more. You’ll then be provided with links and sources where the AI found matching faces, along with a match percentage indicating the accuracy.

How to use it:

1. Jump into the FaceCheck app.

2. Upload photos (up to three) of the person you want to find. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Quality counts! Clear images with visible facial features yield better matches.
  • Acceptable formats: .jpg, .png, .webp, and .bmp.
  • Recommended image size: At least 500×500 pixels. Face dimensions should be 60×60 pixels minimum but no larger than 6MB.
  • For a swift experience, use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy-paste images. Or, utilize the Windows snipping tool with Windows Key + Shift + S.
Face Check Upload Person Photo

3. Leveraging advanced AI technology, it finds links to webpages where the person’s face, or a similar one, appears. Your results will be color-coded:

  • 90-100: Certain Match
  • 83-89: Confident Match
  • 70-82: Uncertain Match
  • 50-69: Weak Match
Face Check Result

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