Transform Traditional QR Codes Into Scan-worthy Artwork –

Transform your standard QR codes into engaging art pieces with '', an AI-powered QR Code Generator.

Yet another free AI QR code generator that lets you create beautiful, customizable, scan-worthy QR codes for use on marketing materials, products, and more.

Choose from over 20 styles or create your own for unique, scan-ready QR codes that captivate your audience.

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How to use it:

1. Visit

2. Choose a style, enter the content you want to encode into your QR code, and hit the ‘Generate’ button. Available styles:

  • Neo Fauvism
  • Cyberpunk
  • Urban Fashion
  • Floral Summer
  • Tinkerbell Fantasy
  • Floral Acrylic
  • Botanical Academia
  • Shamrock
  • Savage
  • Rougarou
  • Sunset
  • Action
  • Myconid Mushroom
  • Moroccan Art
  • Minimal Cartoon
  • Afremov
  • Alien Tidepool
  • Floral Facemask
  • Floral Facemask_2
  • Greek Port
  • Holographic
  • Illuminated Portrait
  • Iridescent Portrait

Traditional QR Codes Into Scan-worthy Artwork Styles

3. If the QR code does not scan, you can modify the creativity level to enhance readability or shorten the URL length or text, possibly with a URL shortener, to ensure a successful scan.

Traditional QR Codes Into Scan-worthy Artwork Creativity

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