Create Personalized Plans with Arrange AI and Sync to Google Calendar

Use Arrange AI to generate detailed plans on any topic and sync them directly to your Google Calendar. Say goodbye to manual planning hassles.

Arrange is a free AI planner that transforms your ideas into actionable schedules. You describe what you need, and Arrange’s AI constructs a detailed plan that includes activities, locations, notes, and even relevant links.

The AI-generated plans and schedules will be synced directly to your Google Calendar. This ensures that all events, activities, and associated details are readily accessible and synchronized across devices.

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How to use it:

1. Visit the Arrange AI platform and sign up for a free account using your Google Account. Note that Arrange needs to connect with Google Calendar to sync events.

2. Create a new plan and describe what you’re planning ahead for. For instance, if you aim to embark on a weight loss journey, simply state: “I need a 14-day weight loss plan.”

Arrange AI Planner Descibe

3. Arrange may request additional details to personalize your plan further. For a weight loss plan, it might inquire about dietary preferences, exercise preferences, current fitness level, daily schedule availability, and whether you’d like external resource links included.

4. If you prefer, you can skip providing additional details and proceed directly to plan generation by clicking the “Create Plan” button.

Arrange AI Planner Create Plan

5. Wait a moment for your personalized plan to be ready. Then, you can view, modify, delete, and copy each item according to your specific needs.

Arrange AI Planner Result

6. The plan will sync automatically with your Google Calendar. This allows you to view and manage your schedule in both Google Calendar and the Arrange App.

Arrange AI Planner Calendar

7. As a free user, you can create unlimited schedules, share them via link or email, access beautiful schedule pages with list and calendar views, track subscribers, color-code events, sync with connected calendars, and share one schedule at a time. Additionally, you’ll have access to the help center for support.

8. For enhanced features, consider upgrading to the Pro plan ($16/month), which offers the ability to share multiple schedules simultaneously, event type tagging and filtering, custom schedule URLs, collaborator invitations, and email support.

9. For teams or enterprises, Arrange offers advanced capabilities such as custom branding, website embedding, multiple collaborators per schedule, analytics, and insights, consolidated billing, and a dedicated Slack channel. Contact their team directly for more information.

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