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Bring humor to life with, your AI-powered comedy writing partner. Generate witty punchlines from your joke setups. is a free and open-source AI joke generation web app that acts as a comedy writing partner.

You enter a joke setup or premise as input, then generates relevant and funny joke endings or one-liner punchlines as output. Built upon joke-gpt, it fine-tunes the OpenAI GPT-3 language model and is trained on an impressive database of approximately 10,000 Conan O’Brien monologue jokes.

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Great for professional comedians, comedy writers, scriptwriters, or anyone in need of a good laugh. Whether you’re working on a comedy script, preparing for a stand-up performance, or just looking to brighten up your social media content, this free tool offers a unique approach to generating humor.

How to use it:

1. Goto

2. Type your opening line in the text field.

3. Hit Enter key, and the AI tool utilizes the power of AI to generate witty punchlines to your joke setups.

An Open-source AI Joke Generator Result

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