Find And Buy Outfits From Any Photo – Disto

Love an outfit online but can't find it? Use Disto to find similar styles you can buy now! Free Chrome extension - Shop smarter, not harder!

Ever spotted an outfit in a photo and felt the urge to own it? Disto makes this possible.

It’s a free Chrome extension that identifies outfits in pictures and guides you to where you can purchase similar or identical items.

You can also filter items based on your preferred stores, budget and sizes for more personalized and precise results. No more endless searching or frustration!

How to use it:

1. Add the Disto extension from the Chrome Web Store to your browser.

2. Activate the extension, and you’ll see a ‘D’ icon appear on your browser’s toolbar. Click on it to access the Disto tool.

3. Upload a photo of the outfit you love and click ‘Shop The Look’.

Disto Extension Access

4. Disto will analyze the image and present you with a curated selection of similar (or even identical) products that you can purchase directly from various online retailers.

5. Fine-tune your shopping by setting filters for gender, size, budget, and preferred stores for a personalized shopping experience.

Disto Extension Filter

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