ChatGPT Gets Web Search Back, Thanks to Bing

The web search is back in ChatGPT!

ChatGPT, the popular AI chatbot from OpenAI, can now access the internet to provide more current and relevant information to its users.

The feature, called Browse with Bing, was previously available in June but was quickly removed after users found a way to bypass paywalls by feeding URLs directly to the chatbot. Now, OpenAI has added a user agent to its web crawler that allows websites to opt out of being scraped by the chatbot.

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ChatGPT Search Bing Demo

Browse with Bing is currently only available to Plus and Enterprise subscribers of ChatGPT, but OpenAI says it will roll it out to all users soon. The feature allows ChatGPT to cite sources and provide links to the websites it uses to answer questions, which can help users verify the accuracy and credibility of the chatbot’s responses.

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