AI Beauty Calculator: Get Your Free Beauty Score Now

Use this free AI Beauty Calculator to analyze your facial features. Get a detailed beauty score based on eye, nose, and mouth proportions.

Beauty Calculator is a free AI tool that evaluates facial beauty scores from uploaded photos. It assesses metrics like eye distance, nose length, and mouth width ratios to generate a beauty score.

This tool can help you understand which features contribute most to your overall appearance. It’s also useful for those curious about their facial proportions or looking to enhance their look through makeup or skincare routines.

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Beauty Calculator is completely free and doesn’t require any registration. Feel free to test the beauty index of as many portrait photos as you like and share the tool with friends!

How to use it:

1. Go to the Beauty Calculator website and choose a photo from your device that you want to analyze. The tool accepts PNG, JPEG, and JPG formats.

AI Beauty Calculator Upload

2. Click the ‘Analyze’ button, and the AI will then use algorithms to detect and assess your facial features, including eye distance, nose length, and mouth width ratios. This data is used to calculate your beauty score.

3. Your beauty score will be displayed within seconds. For example, in the image below, the AI gave an AI-generated photo of a woman a total score of 79. Her eyes scored 93, her mouth 83, and her nose 66. This suggests that she could focus on contouring her nose when applying makeup to enhance her overall look.

AI Beauty Calculator Result


Q: What is a Beauty Score?
A: A Beauty Score is a numerical value assigned by AI algorithms that analyze facial features and proportions to assess aesthetic appeal objectively.

Q: How accurate is the Beauty Calculator?
A: While the Beauty Calculator uses advanced AI algorithms, beauty is subjective. The tool provides an objective analysis based on facial proportions.

Q: Can I use the Beauty Calculator on any photo?
A: The tool works best with clear, front-facing portraits. For accurate results, make sure your face is visible and unobstructed.

Q: Is a Higher Score Better?
A: While a higher score indicates greater alignment with conventional beauty standards, it’s important to remember that beauty is subjective and multifaceted. The Beauty Calculator can be a fun tool for self-discovery, but true beauty lies in confidence and individuality.

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