Adobe Firefly Rolls Out Major Generative AI Upgrades

Adobe Firefly has unveiled major generative AI innovations, including new powerful image, vector, and design models to boost creativity for all.

At the recent Adobe MAX conference, Firefly unveiled significant upgrades, including the new Firefly Image 2 model, which substantially improves image quality, control, and generation speed. Users can now easily toggle between Image 1 and 2 to compare the enhancements.

Firefly Image 2 also enables exciting new Text to Image capabilities in the Firefly web app, like Generative Match and Photo Settings. Generative Match lets you match the style of a reference image to generate custom branded content at scale. While Photo Settings give you granular control over image properties like depth of field for more photorealistic results.

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Adobe Firefly Image
From Adobe

In addition, Adobe has launched the pioneering Firefly Vector Model exclusively in Illustrator. This allows designers to instantly create editable, high-quality vector graphics by typing a text prompt. The vectors are optimized for easy editing with grouped layers, few points, and stunning gradients.

Express users can also now leverage the powerful new Firefly Design Model to instantly generate completely customizable templates for social media posts, flyers, posters, and more. The AI intelligently sizes and places text for maximum impact.

On top of the new models, Generative Fill from Photoshop is now available in Express to easily insert, remove or replace objects in designs through text prompts. And users across apps can also now share Firefly generations via links to help iterate and collaborate.

Adobe Firefly was built from the ground up with a creator-first approach in mind. It provides accessible tools for generative AI, while ensuring outputs are safe, responsible and unbiased. Firefly also compensates creators through the new Contributor Bonus program.

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