The First Vocal AI Chatbot – Sadik AI

Experience natural conversations with Sadik AI, the AI chatbot that truly listens and responds vocally. Talk it out & feel better! Try it now!

Sadik is a free vocal AI chatbot that allows you to have natural conversations about your problems and gain fresh perspectives.

Unlike traditional AI chatbots that rely solely on text input, Sadik AI offers a unique experience by enabling you to simply speak and receive spoken responses. This makes communication feel effortless and intuitive, especially for those who prefer verbal interactions over typing.

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Moreover, Sadik AI can assist you in problem-solving by offering objective perspectives and potential solutions to your challenges. Engaging in open-ended conversations can help you explore different angles and gain valuable insights that you might not have considered before.

How to use it:

1. Go to the Sadik AI chatbot website.

2. Click the red microphone button to capture your questions or concerns using your voice. When you’re done speaking, tap the green button to let Sadik AI respond to you vocally.

Sadik AI chatbot microphone

3. Alternatively, you can type your input using the keyboard if you prefer text-based communication.

4. Engage in natural conversations with Sadik AI, solving problems, sharing thoughts, and receiving emotional support through its friendly voice responses. You can also mute the audio if you prefer text-only responses.

Sadik AI chatbot mute

5. Consider subscribing to save your chat history with Sadik AI and revisit past conversations whenever needed.

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