Summarize Any PDF In Seconds – GPT-4 PDF Summarizer

An GPT-4 driven Next.js app that summarizes PDFs in seconds, offering three summarizer intensities for a tailored experience.

An AI-powered PDF summarizer to summarize any PDF documents using OpenAI’s advanced GPT-4 language model.

It allows you to upload a PDF file, and the app then sends the PDF text to a GPT-4 model, which has been fine-tuned on summarization data. GPT-4 analyzes the content and structure of the document and generates a summary at one of three levels of depth:

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  • Basic understanding
  • Deep understanding: Multi-sentence summary capturing key concepts and events
  • Completely dissected: For longer or more complex PDFs, provides a comprehensive multi-paragraph summary.

The GPT4 PDF Summarizer is an open-source project. Actively maintained and available for anyone to use or build upon. Easy to deploy on Vercel. Great for…

  • Students and Academics: Enhance your study and research process by summarizing lengthy articles, research papers, and textbooks for quick reference and better comprehension.
  • Business Professionals: Stay informed on industry trends, reports, and competitor analysis by summarizing large volumes of information quickly and efficiently.
  • Content Creators and Editors: Optimize your writing and editing process by summarizing source materials and extracting key insights for your articles and publications.

How to use it:

1. Download & clone the repo from Github.

2. Deploy the app on Vercel or visit

2. Upload a PDF document from local and select a summarizer intensity – Basic Understanding, Deep Understanding, and Completely Dissected.

3. Click the Summarize button. That’s it.

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