Fast PDF ChatBot Based On OpenAI’s GPT – Brainypdf

Upload any PDF to brainypdf and ask it anything through natural chat. The AI will provide straightforward answers to help you grasp complex documents fast.

Brainypdf is a free and fast AI tool that allows to answer questions about PDFs you upload through natural chat for accelerated reading and research. It ensures your documents remain confidential, stored securely, and can be removed whenever you wish.

BrainyPDF meticulously creates a semantic index of the entire document. When posed with a question, it sifts through the content, identifies the most pertinent sections, and crafts a precise answer with the prowess of OpenAI’s GPT API.

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How to use it:

1. Navigate to the brainypdf website and select a PDF file to upload.

2. Once uploaded, you can either search or directly ask the PDF any question, similar to interacting with ChatGPT.

Fast PDF ChatBot Based On OpenAI's GPT Brainypdf Example

3. Keep chatting to gain insights from complex papers and studies.

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