Google Bard & Anthropic Claude Bot For Telegram

A Telegram bot that uses Anthropic Claude and Google Bard to generate text, , write creative content, and answer your questions in Telegram.

This is an open-source Telegram bot that allows you to interact with Anthropic’s Claude and Google’s Bard conversational AI models through Telegram. With access credentials for Claude and Bard, you can chat with the AI assistants, test their capabilities, and see how they compare.

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  • Support for the official Claude API and reverse-engineered Bard API to connect with the AI models
  • Chat in private, group, and persistent chat sessions
  • Send long inputs in segments and resend questions to generate new responses
  • For Claude: Adjust the model version (up to 100k parameters) and temperature, and enable streaming output
  • For Bard: View alternate draft responses, reference links, Google Search keywords, and images
  • Partial Markdown formatting supported


  • /id: get your chat identifier
  • /start: start the bot and get help message
  • /help: get help message
  • /reset: reset the chat history
  • /settings: show Claude & Bard settings
  • /mode: switch between Claude and Bard
  • /model NAME: change model (Claude only)
    • Options: claude-1, claude-1-100k, claude-instant-1, claude-instant-1-100k, claude-1.3, claude-1.3-100k, claude-1.2, claude-1.0, claude-instant-1.1, claude-instant-1.1-100k, claude-instant-1.0
  • /temp VALUE: set temperature (Claude only)
    • Range: float in [0, 1]
    • Impact: amount of randomness injected into the response
    • Suggestion: temp closer to 0 for analytical / multiple choice, and temp closer to 1 for creative and generative tasks
  • /cutoff VALUE: adjust cutoff (Claude only)
    • Range: int > 0
    • Impact:: smaller cutoff indicates higher frequency of streaming output
    • Suggestion: 50 for private chat, 150 for group chat
  • /seg: send messages in segments, suitable for Claude’s 100k models, example below:
    1. Send /seg first
    2. Paste a long text and send (or send a series of text in segments)
    3. Input your other questions and send
    4. Send /seg again
    5. Bot will respond and you can continue the conversation
  • /retry: regenerate the answer. Use /retry TEXT to modify your last input.

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