Free AI Flashcards & Quizzes: Learn Faster With Flashka

Learn smarter, not harder with Flashka AI's free PDF flashcard maker. Engage with your materials through AI-generated cards and quizzes.

Flashka is an A-powered study platform that transforms PDFs into high-quality flashcards and quizzes. This provides an effective way to absorb information and prepare for exams.

This AI tool serves as your personal study assistant that works directly with your PDF materials. Highlight sections of your PDFs, and Flashka AI will create detailed flashcards.

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Additionally, you can generate image-occluded flashcards by dragging over relevant sections of images in your PDFs. This enhances visual learning, particularly for anatomy and other image-heavy subjects.

The built-in quiz feature extends beyond mere question generation. Each quiz is tailored to reinforce the material you have studied. The AI provides clear explanations for any errors.

How to use it:

1. Visit Flashka AI and register for a free account. Each free user receives 50 AI credits daily, enough to generate 50 flashcards or quizzes. Upgrade to a subscription ($4.00/month) for 3,000 monthly credits if you require more.

2. Create a new deck and choose your preferred mode:

  • PDF: Upload your desired PDF, and Flashka AI will process it into flashcards.
  • Describe: Type in the topic you wish to learn, and Flashka AI will create flashcards based on your description.
  • Text: Paste the text you want to use for generating flashcards.
Flashka AI Upload PDF

3. Prepare your deck by specifying which pages or sections should be transformed into flashcards.

Flashka AI Prepare Deck

3. Flashka AI offers three convenient methods for creating flashcards:

  • Highlight to Flashcard: Highlight key passages within your PDF, and Flashka AI will convert them into flashcards, maximizing your learning from highlighted sections.
  • Drag for Image Occlusion: This feature is particularly useful for visual learners. Simply drag over an image to generate flashcards that conceal specific portions, prompting you to recall the hidden information.
  • Auto-Generate: In a rush? Click the “Auto-generate” button, and Flashka AI will automatically create a set of flashcards from your chosen content.
Flashka AI Generate

4. Once your flashcards are generated, utilize Flashka AI’s spaced repetition system to optimize your learning. This method ensures that flashcards are presented at optimal intervals, solidifying your knowledge over time.

Flashka AI Learn

5. After completing at least five flashcards, request a quiz from Flashka AI to assess your knowledge, complete with explanations for incorrect answers.

Flashka AI Quiz

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