50+ ChatGPT Social Networking Plugins

Complete list of all ChatGPT social networking plugins available in ChatGPT's plugin store.

In this post, I’ve compiled a list of all ChatGPT social networking plugins currently available in OpenAI’s official plugin store.

With new plugins being added constantly, I’ll periodically update this post so it remains a comprehensive resource. Be sure to bookmark it and check back often if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest social networking plugins for ChatGPT.

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Plugin NamePlugin Description
A/B AnalyticsA/B test and analyze data from Google Analytics, Facebook Ads and more. Powered by Avian.io.
Aaron Confluence AIChat with your Confluence wiki. Share your Confluence pages (and other links!) as context, and get personalised…
Aaron Notion™ ChatChat with your Notion™ wiki. Share your Notion pages (and other links!) as context, and get personalised answers.
ABC Music NotationConverts ABC music notation to WAV, MIDI, and PostScript files.
AdzviserIt retrieves users’ real-time reporting data from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, GA4 and more.
AFinChatGet information and analyze A-share stocks, but search for information only from China.
AI Data AnalystDive into your data like never before. No code, no complex queries; just plain English.
AISEO RepurposerConvert any article or YouTube video into blogs, tweets, emails, scripts, press releases, landing pages & more.
AlchemyRequest real-time blockchain data for chains like Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum and Optimism through natural language.
Asteroid AlertInteract with NASA to explore earth observation data that monitors near-earth objects like asteroids.
AvianConnect to your business data – Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and more.
CanvaCreate anything in a snap, from presentations and logos to social media posts and more.
Chat TMDBMovies, Actors and TV shows from TMDB, a database like IMDB.
ClayAsk questions and search across your network and contacts — Linkedin, Facebook, email, and iMessage.
Content.appEffortlessly buffer & post Social, SEO, Ad content. Supports WordPress, Twitter, YouTube, Shopify, Medium + more!
Converter AppConvert currencies or files like images and videos from web links and Google Drive to other formats, or work with PDFs.
DEV CommunityRecommending posts and members from DEV Community.
Engage AIRetrieve hashtag follower counts, trends & suggestions to increase your content reach on LinkedIn.
Export Chat to PDFI will export your chat conversation to a PDF file, ready for download and share.
Foxit PDF AssistantThis plugin converts PDF and Office documents interchangeably, supporting formats like Word, Excel, and…
Game BoxDiscover, play, and solve classic games like Blackjack, Tic-Tac-Toe, Word Guess, Sudoku, 24, Yahtzee, and more!
GlamaiThe ultimate beauty app to find makeup and skincare that match your needs. Like “a non-sticky sunscreen for traveling”.
Job Cover LetterI’ll make a powerful, ATS-friendly cover letter for your job application. Ideal for email or LinkedIn use.
Job Search UKGet the latest job posts from the UK’s top job boards including Reed, Indeed, and others.
Keyplays Live SoccerLatest live soccer standings, results, commentary, tv stations, keyplays (with and without scores).
Lsong AILsong’s AI provides AI-powered content like news, images, music, movies, weather, stories, memes, and more.
MaimovieMaimovie, the AI-powered movie search, understands any conversational prompt like “movies with plot twists”, “tyrant”
MojitoI can convert your chats to articles and posts them online🍹.
Netlify DropDescribe a simple website you want to make, and deploy it to Netlify to share it with others and claim it as your own.
NoteableCreate notebooks in Python, SQL, and Markdown to explore data, visualize, and share notebooks with everyone.
NowGet Google Trends. In Japan, you can also get Twitter trends and search Twitter keywords.
OutreachCraft a personalized sales email for a potential client you’d like to approach about your services.
ParaphraserSay it better, say it different: Paraphrase like a Pro. Paraphrase for impact and inspire.
Perfect ChirpTurn your ideas into banger tweets in less than 30 seconds. Start your prompt with ‘Write a tweet…’.
Resume GenieResume creation made simple. Easily generate an attractive resume. Tailor it further by adding the job post
Scholarly Graph LinkYou can search papers, authors, datasets and software. It has access to Figshare, Arxiv, and many others.
Short Video TrendsFind top keywords for short video content. Boost your social media strategy with targeted insights.
Social SearchThe Social Search provides access to tweets, users, followers, images, media and more.
Sponsored.proProduct photography prompt generator. Start your prompt with ‘Sponsored’ followed by a few words about colors,…
SupermetricsEffortlessly tap into Facebook Ads data & gain insights. Trusted by 1M+ marketers worldwide.
Take Code CapturesCapture, beautify, and share your code snippets easily.
TaskOracleHey Neo, take the red pill less, let me guide you with the optimal tools to smash your to-do list like Hulk.
twtDataGet Twitter data on any public Twitter account’s including their name, bio, follower count and much more.
VBOUT AI MARKETCreate email campaigns, manage leads and schedule social posts in VBOUT, using simple prompts.
Video InsightsInteract with online video platforms like Youtube or Daily Motion.
VideoInsights.ioVideoInsights.io lets you interact with online video platforms like Youtube, Zoom or BiliBili.
Webbots – Ask a BotStart with ‘Ask bot ’. Visit webbot.chat to create & share a free bot. Powered by Maigrate.
What’s trending?Explore trending searches, keywords, & hashtags by topic across YouTube, Instagram, Amazon, and Google.
WizeChartsCreate and share beatiful and highly customizable charts.
Workout GeneratorCreate strength training workouts, for goals like muscle building, strength, and fat loss.
WP InteractFetch or search posts from self-hosted WordPress websites, opening new possibilities for smart interaction with
WPressGenieManages a WordPress site. You can get, view and analyze details of WordPress posts and content.
ZapierInteract with over 5,000+ apps like Google Sheets, Gmail, HubSpot, Salesforce, and thousands more.



  • Removed plugins that are no longer available
  • Removed some plugins that have nothing to do with social networking
  • Added some new plugins

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