Free AI Photo Rater Based On Gemini Pro – ToastyRoast

Take the AI roast challenge! Upload a selfie to ToastyRoast to get a personalized rating and roast from an advanced computer vision system.

ToastyRoast is a free and open-source web app that uses AI to rate and roast uploaded photos based on different factors.

The web app uses Google’s Gemini Pro model to analyze various aspects of a photo, including facial features, expressions, poses, and more. It then generates a personalized rating and roast comments focused on appearance, styling, and suggestions for improvement.

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This provides a fun way for users to receive feedback and inspiration on their look from an unbiased AI system. The tool is free, easy to use, and safe for all ages, making it great for some harmless fun with friends.

GitHub Repo

How to use it:

1. Visit the ToastyRoast web app to start your amusing photo roasting journey.

2. Upload a pic you’re feelin’ or take a fresh selfie.

3. Click the magic button and wait for the AI verdict. It takes about 10-20 seconds, depending on your internet speed.

ToastyRoast Result

4. Don’t keep the fun to yourself! Share your rating easily by copying the link in your browser.

5. To run the app locally, just clone the repo from Github and follow these instructions:

  • Get and insert your Google Gemini API key into the .env.
  • Install requirements: pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Run the app: uvicorn main:app.

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