Generate Online Forms And Surveys Using AI – GPTForm

GPTForm: Revolutionize Your Form Creation Process! Harness the power of AI to craft custom online forms and surveys in seconds.

GPTForm is an AI-Powered Form Builder that revolutionizes the creation of online forms and surveys. No Registration Required. Completely Free.

It allows you to generate customized forms and surveys in seconds by simply briefly describing your needs. GPTForm then suggests relevant questions and formatting to get your form up and running immediately.

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This tool finds its utility in a wide range of usage scenarios. Whether you’re a business looking to gather customer feedback, a research organization conducting a survey, a non-profit seeking volunteers, or an educator collecting course evaluations, GPTForm is designed to meet your needs. Its dynamic nature can cater to any industry, from healthcare and finance to education and e-commerce and everything in between.

How to use it:

1. Visit GPTForm website.

2. Input your email address and briefly describe the form you want to create. The more specific you are, the better suggestions the tool can provide for your form questions.

GPTForm Form Builder Describe Need

2. The tool then uses AI to suggest a title, description, and questions tailored to your needs. You can easily tweak these elements to your satisfaction, ensuring the form perfectly aligns with your objectives.

GPTForm Form Builder Questions

3. Click the “Next” button to Preview your survey form, and you can add more elements/components to the form via drag and drop.

GPTForm Form Builder Drag Drop

4. By clicking the “Create Form” button, you will see a popup window containing a unique link to your form. Enjoy.

GPTForm Form Builder URL

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