Generate SQL Queries From Natural Language – SQL Ease

Take control of your databases without complex syntax. Try SQL Ease – the intuitive AI tool that makes SQL queries as easy as typing a sentence!

The SQL Ease allows you to describe what type of query you want in plain terms and will translate that into proper SQL syntax using natural language – no coding experience required.

Whether you’re a database administrator seeking to simplify repetitive tasks, a developer wanting to focus more on your application’s logic than database intricacies, or a beginner struggling with SQL syntax, SQL Ease can be a game-changer for you. By allowing you to communicate with databases in a more intuitive way, it can drastically improve your productivity, reduce errors, and make the process of working with databases more enjoyable.

How to use it:

1. Goto the SQL Ease app.

2. With SQL Ease, you can just write a quick sentence about what you want your query to do, such as “Find the names of all students in the table,” or “Fetch current date-time from the system,” or even “Create a table called heroes.” The AI tool then does the heavy lifting, translating your instructions into efficient, accurate SQL queries.

SQL Ease Result

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