Virtually Dress Up Your Portrait Photos with SnapDress

By providing your portrait photo and selecting a style using buttons, the AI crafts a personalized outfit that mirrors your fashion sense and style.

SnapDress is an AI dressing tool that allows you to outfit your portrait photos in different styles of clothing and scenes.

By uploading a photo and selecting options from their Discord bot, SnapDress can recreate your portrait wearing everything from casual outfits to formal gowns against different backdrops.

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With continuous updates to their library of scenes and clothing, the choices for creatively dressing up your photos are endless.

The tool also encourages community engagement, allowing users to connect with fellow AI outfitting enthusiasts in the Discord server. Share your creative ideas, seek fashion advice, and engage in discussions with like-minded individuals. Plus, during the beta testing phase, all features are available for free and unlimited use.

How to use it:

1. Join the SnapDress Discord server and prepare a clear portrait photo that can clearly identify the subject’s face.

SnapDress Sample Images

2. Head over to either the 👚general-room or 🔞nsfw-room, depending on the desired outfit effect.

3. Type /start to upload a photo.

4. Select a style using buttons. That’s it.

SnapDress Select Styles

SnapDress Result

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